IENE 9 – Developing a culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ curriculum in health and social care education,  2019-2021

Aim and Objectives

The project “Developing a culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ curriculum in health and social care education“ aims to enable teacher/trainers of theory and practice to enhance their skills regarding LGBT+ issues and develop teaching tools to support the inclusion of LGBT+ issues within health and social care curricula. The newly culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ curriculum will be delivered though a MOOC which is aimed at health and social care teachers/trainers, workers, professionals and and learners across Europe and worldwide.


Middlesex University, London, UK


EDUNET Organization, Craiova, Romania

University of Almeria, Spain

Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy

St. Augustinus Fachkliniken, Germany

Main results 

The main achievements of the project will be

  • To develop teaching and learning tools to be used by health and social care educators/trainers in order to improve their own knowledge and confidence in teaching LGBT+ issues;
  • To develop the knowledge of health and social care professionals on how to support LGBT+ patients and meet their health care needs;
  • To produce a best practice guides on how to develop an LGBT+ inclusive curriculum;
  • To prepare and pilot a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to support the participants in developing an awareness of LGBT+ needs in health and social care across Europe and the world.

The MOOC will help participants to acquire relevant knowledge, professional skills and key competences, including intercultural and social skills, as well as digital skills and become empowered with the capacity to establish positive communication, friendly environment and positive interaction and relationships with LGBT+ individuals.