Cultuforma – Online Platform for Teaching / Learning Spanish Culture 2018-2020

Aim and Objectives

The main objectives of Cultuforma  project are improving the skills of educators, creating the course about Spanish culture and preparing the didactic material, designing the online platform, making the exchange of knowledge and intercultural experience possible among educators.

The course is focused on the importance of culture in acquisition of Spanish language as a foreign language is observed and by analyzing the needs, the project team proposes the development of the free online course available to all Spanish teachers around Europe and beyond on the platform called Cultuforma.

The Moodle platform will be used for the platform Cultuforma, since it is a free and open platform used by many worldwide recognized educational institutions such as schools and universities.

The Cultuforma will contain online course with didactic material, videos, presentations, articles and workshops related to specific cultural topics of Spain, and divided in 10 modules, that will help educators expand their knowledge and facilitate both the ideas and the material that can be used in classrooms.

Moreover, after the course, all material will be available at the Cultuforma where, after the project it will be possible to design another course, as well as to keep using the existing material.


  • Association of Spanish Language Teachers in Serbia, Belgrade


  • EDUNET Organization, Craiova, Romania
  • Academia Mester, Salamanca, Spain

Main results  

  • Curriculum of the educational program
  • Material for the platform, articles and presentations,  scientific articles;
  • Video materials, presentations, round tables, webinars, tutorials
  • Massive Online Open Course platform  about Spanish culture.
  • Online course on the Cultuforma platform:
  • Manual about the Spanish culture
  • Workshops for expanding the knowledge during the project and after the completed course


Erasmus This project was funded with the support of the European Commission under the Erasmus + Adult Education Strategic Partnerships Program.