EDUNET Association is a non-profit organization registered in Romania in 2008 which aims at promoting lifelong learning and supporting professional education.

The educational offer of the EDUNET Association includes initial and continuing vocational education and training, support for professional integration, foreign language learning, personal development, key competences and digital competences development of adults.

EDUNET has two  vocational  nursing  schools,  accredited  by Romanian Ministry of Education with 360  nursing students: EDUNET Nursing School in Craiova and EDUNET Nursing School in Bailesti,  .

Since 2011, the EDUNET Association is a provider accredited by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education for adult vocational training and language learning.

Since 2008, EDUNET developed many European  educational projects, as  promoter or partner, working together with 80  partners from 24 European countries.

Edunet   developed projects for VET learners and  adults to achieve their abilities and competences necessary to personal development and for professional integration and active citizenship.

Some implemented projects addressed the social cohesion, fighting the  social exclusion, increasing the access to education and development of  vulnerable groups, migrants, people from disadvantaged rural areas.

Since 2018,  EDUNET,   was promoter of the initiative of  developing  a European Model for  intercultural education  of nurses in Europe (IENE) during the IENE1-IENE8 projects,  working together with Middlesex University of London  and   other  partners from  12  countries.

EDUNET implemented Mobility projects  for students and teachers, and provided support of  other  schools and educational organizations   for  European cooperation.

For the quality of the implementation of the mobility projects, Edunet  was awarded with  ERASMUS + VET MOBILITY CHART

  Our Team

 A number of   39 qualified medical  teachers and  other staff with a long experience in the teaching of nurses and other health care professionals work in the EDUNET Nursing Schools and 15 project managers and staff are involved in the European projects.