Contemporary large migration waves into Europe: Enabling health workers to provide psychological support to migrants and refugees and develop strategies for dealing with their own emotional needs. 2016-2018

Aim and Objectives

The IENE 6 project addresses health care professionals, health professionals and volunteers and aims to train them to provide psychological support to migrants and refugees who suffer great trauma and tragedy and to develop strategies to address their own emotional needs.

The project  specific objectives:

To develop the health workers’ competencies in providing emotional/psychological support in culturally competent and compassionate ways, to individuals who are part of the new waves of migration primarily from Syria, Irak and Afganistan who arrive in Greece through Turkey.

To help health workers and volunteers to develop personal/peer strategies to cope with the high levels of their own personal traumas as a result of what they encounter whilst doing their job.

To develop resources on open access for health workers, undergraduate and post graduate students who can use for research projects, and other learning related to the emotional/psychological needs of migrants, refugees, health workers in the front line of service provision.

To create a network, a place where members of various communities can come together to discuss, comment, brainstorm, share views and good practices, share experiences, innovate, create, connect and collaborate.


  • Middlesex University, London, UK


  • Edunet Organization Romania
  • Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Universitat de Valencia, Polibienestar Research Institute, Spain
  • Kocaeli University ,  Turkey
  • Doctors of the World- Greece, Athens , Greece

Main results  available at   

Principalul produs al proiectului este o platformă   de cunoștinte (Knowledge HUB) www.ienerefugee.hub  with the following clusters:

Website :

Erasmus This project was funded with the support of the European Commission under the Erasmus + VET Strategic Partnerships Program.