IENE10 Project :  Preparing health and social care workers to work with socially assistive artificially intelligent robots in health and social care environments


The project aims to produce a European Transcultural Robotic Nursing (TRN) curriculum model and learning materials which will be suitable for training health and social care workers and educators, not only within the partnership of this project but also internationally. In particular the materials which will be embedded in the TRN-MOOC course (Massive Open Access Online Course) will:

– Raise awareness about the potential advantages of AI and Socially Assistive Robots in health and social care;

– Provide knowledge and understanding about both negative and positive implications of AI and Socially Assistive Robots on health and social care, including matters relating to inequalities and social inclusion;

– Provide knowledge and understanding of the relevance of ethics related to the development and deployment of AI and Transcultural Robotics Nursing (TRN);

– Provide skills and knowledge of the practical aspects of deploying AI & TRN in health and social care, including robot-human interaction, technical aspects and malfunctions, and infection control.

This is a two year project, starting on the 31st December 2020 and finishing on the 30th December 2022.

Partner Organisations

Middlesex University, Research Centre for Transcultural Studies in Health (Co-Ordinator), UK

Asociatia Edunet, Romania

University of Technology, Cyprus

Genova University, Italy

University of Bedfordshire, UK