The IENE 9 National seminar in Romania was organized by  Edunet  Organization   in   Craiova, on  25th of February  2021

The aims of the seminars were:

  • to increase awareness and knowledge about the inclusion of LGBT+ issues in health and social care curricula;
  • to motivate discussion and share good practices of including LGBT+ issues in health and social
  • care curricula;
  • to share the project outputs created for the teaching of LGBT+ issues to in health and social care (training model, curriculum, learning resources and the MOOC);
  • to increase the knowledge of participants on the topic;
  • to raise awareness about the advantages and challenges of using the model, curriculum and
  • teaching tools created;
  • to network, share experiences, interests and goals about the training activities that can be
  • developed with the project outputs (curriculum, training/learning materials, MOOC methodology and content);
  • to gain the participants’ views and suggestions regarding the sustainability of our project results;
  • to direct participants to the projects outputs and motivate them to use in their practice.

The seminar was  attended by 28  stakeholders: nurses ,   teachers, managers, local authorities, nurses’  associations.

The agenda  of the seminar  included:

  • Presentation of the project activities and outputs including :
  • Assessing the needs of teachers/trainers and learners for LGBT+ training
  • Development of the curriculum and training model
  • Development of the modules for the MOOC content
  • Evaluation strategy, methodology and best practice report
  • Internet Mapping and Systematic documentation of educational policies and guidelines as well as legislation at European and national level for LGBT+ inclusive education
  • Teaching/learning tools
  • Presentation of the   MOOC  and a  workshop on how to use it;
  • Discussion to exchange ideas on ways to use the project results;

To collect feedback for measuring the potential impact of the project’s outputs  an  evaluation questionnaire was administrated  to the participants.

The participants declared that they  developed their knowledge and  skills of culturally competent and compassionate health and social care,  increased awareness, sensitivity and knowledge about LGBT+ issues, got   new attitude and values relating to LGBT+ inclusive health and social care, got familiar with the MOOC and  the inclusive health and social care curriculum and tools

They also  had  opportunities to meet and network with those having shared interests and goals and went back   with  new ideas and concept  to their institution  to use  the European model approach developed in the project to better  meet the needs of LGBT+ patients/service users in health and social care.


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