1. IENE 11 PROVAC Empowering nurses and healthcare professionals to promote vaccination and tackle vaccine hesitancy- coordinator
  2. IENE 10 Preparing health and social care workers to work with socially assistive artificially intelligent robots in health and social care environments
  3. IENE 9 – Developing a culturally competent and compassionate LGBT+ curriculum in health and social care education, 2019-2021
  4. IENE 8– Empowering migrant and refugee families with parenting skills
  5. TOTVET – Training of Tutors and VET professionals for high quality in  Work Based Learning and Dual Learning
  6. IENE 7-coordinator VET Strategic Partnership, Coordinator
  7. IENE 6 – Contemporary large migration waves into Europe: Enabling health workers to provide psychological support to migrants and refugees and develop strategies for dealing with their own emotional needs , Erasmus+ VET Strategic Partnership, partner.
  8. EIBI – European Incubator for Business Ideas, Erasmus+ VET Strategic Partnership  ,    coordinator
  9. IENE 5 “Training health care teams in intercultural communication and patient safety “, Erasmus+ VET Strategic Partnership    , partner
  10. IENE 4 – Strengthening the nurses and health care professionals’ capacity to deliver culturally competent and compassionate care, Erasmus+ VET Strategic Partnership, partner
  11. IENE 3 – Tools for Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe , LLP – Leonardo da Vinci – Partneriate pentru Invatare, partner
  12. IENE 2 -Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe, LLP – Leonardo Transfer of Innovation, partner
  13. ME(U)MORIES, LLP – Grundtvig Learning Partnership, partner
  14. IENE 1 – Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe,  LLP – Leonardo Learning Partnership, coordinator