IENE 2 -Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe 2010-2012

Aim and Objectives

The Transfer of Innovation project IENE 2 adapts and integrates the innovative transcultural nursing education model developed in the previous IENE 1 Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project.
The partners identified the training needs of teachers and trainers from the partners’ countries and detected the specific competences necessary to provide transcultural education to various categories of nurses and health care professionals.
They created the methodology and content of a Training of Trainers (ToT) to prepare teachers and trainers to teach transversal competences and to implement the PTT/IENE Model of transcultural nursing education in health education systems.
Then, implemented and evaluated the ToT Model during the training workshops organized in Belgium, Germany, Romania and France and piloted the adapted innovative PTT/IENE Model in some public and private organizations of initial and continuous education of nurses and health care professionals from their countries and to facilitate the transfer of the PTT/IENE model to IVET and CVET systems;.


  • Middlesex University London, UK


  • EDUNET Organization, Romania
  • AWO – Bildungszentrum, Preetz, Germany
  • KATHO, Kortrijk, Beligium
  • SOFOE Sante Social, Lyon , France

Main results available at

  • ToT methodology  EN  RO  FR NL
  • Strategic Guide  EN
  • Brochure with project results  EN




This project was funded with the support of the European Commission under the LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Learning Partnerships Program.