KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education,  ID:  KA204-07275249


 The idea of the project was born from the need to conduct extensive activities for the benefit of seniors, due to the increasing proportion of seniors in the communities of European countries. The overall goal of the project is to develop civic awareness, involvement and socio-educational activity of seniors in order to use their potential, increase participation and prevent social exclusion of people over 55 years of age.


 The project envisages carrying out:

  • 4 international project meetings for a total of min. 8 people from the project management staff,
  • 1 short training mobility for employees for a total of min. 12 participants of the education team of the project partners,
  • 4 planned trips of the type “Combined mobility of adult learners” for a total of at least 24 project participants aged 55+,
  • conducting 184 lesson hours of classes / workshops / educational trainings under all mobility implemented in the project.

As part of individual mobility, various issues related to providing support to seniors, their education and shaping entrepreneurial attitudes, engaging in citizenship matters, including volunteering or overcoming psychological barriers and restrictions related to the so-called “third century”.


The project is addressed to seniors and to the staff of educational staff of partner organizations – in total at least 40 people will be involved.

The result of the project will be the exchange of experience between both involved partners and seniors participating in activities and mobility, improving multilateral cooperation in an international environment and increasing awareness of the cultural diversity of the Partner countries.

The long-term effect of the project will be the organization and conduct of high-quality forms of support for seniors aimed at reducing the risk of social exclusion of this group of people.


  1. Foundation for the Support of Persons with Disabilities “Go outside”, Poland -Coordinator
  2. Asociación Socioeducativa Eduplus, Spain
  4. EDUNET Organization, Romania
    Erasmus This project was funded with the support of the European Commission under the Erasmus + VET Strategic Partnerships Program.