Edunet Organization  organized the IENE 8 National seminar in Craiova on  15th of February 2021

The aims of the seminars were:

  • to raise awareness  the     products created in the project  and  share the new curriculum, including good practices, the real life stories, examples from bite-size learning share;
  • to provide a hands-on experience of using the Khub, as efficient tools for training;
  • to raise awareness about   providing  culturally competent and compassionate care on parenting skills and psychological support for migrant and refugee families;
  • to   positively influence the use project outcomes and to integrate the project results in the organization activities, during the project life and after the project ends;
  • to networking,  share experience, interests and goals about training activities that  can be done   using the project results.

The seminar was  attended by 30 stakeholders: nurses ,   teachers, managers, local authorities, nurses’  associations.

The agenda  of the seminar included:

  • Presentation of the project activities and outputs including :
    • Results of the Mapping of local and international literature
    • The  innovative curriculum for nurses and other health professionals and volunteers
    • Engagement activities for nurses and other health professionals and volunteers
    •  Bite-size learning units for parents which will are  freely available to Khub
  • Presentation of the Khub and a workshop on how to use it;
  • Discussion to exchange ideas on ways to use the project results;

To collect feedback for measuring the potential impact of the project’s outputs an  evaluation questionnaire was administrated  to the participants.

The participants declared that they increased knowledge on the topic, developed skills of using the Khub through participate in workshops, had  new opportunities to meet and network with those having shared interests and goals and  got new ideas and concept for  their institution.


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